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 About FSSH

The Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH) prides itself on being the nucleus of the university that offers an extensive range of humanities-oriented undergraduate programmes including Diplomas and Degrees in Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Counselling, Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, English with Education, English Studies and English with Drama. The  faculty also runs the Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Master of Arts in English Studies, Master of Art (Psychology), Master of Education, Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology programmes. 

In addition, the faculty offers Languages and Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum (General Studies) courses for all students of the University.

Welcome Message from the Dean

A warm welcome to the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH). 

At FSSH, we take pride in contributing to the nation by providing education that caters not only to our students’ academic and professional needs, but also to their values, mental, emotional and  cultural growth, in tandem with the university’s tagline ‘Beyond Education’.  The faculty shall continue to proactively design and offer industry-relevant as well as paradigm-transforming programmes that bring positive impact.



Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Dr. Karthiyani