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Special Needs Educator 

SNS Child & Family Development Centre

"As an alumnus of TARUMT, the university is a warm place that welcomes students from different social backgrounds. The fees of education are affordable to most students and there are a myriad of financial assistance and scholarships available for students to apply. Most importantly, the lecturers and tutors are responsible and dedicated in providing the educational resources and assistance needed by every student who seeks help and is willing to learn. For every departmental and faculty office, the staff are patient in answering the students’ enquiries and are happy to provide help for students in the effort of providing quality management services to the students.


As a Psychology graduate of TARUMT, the courses that I have been through provided me with the practical, theoretical, and research foundation that facilitates my future career. Having the theoretical foundation of Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, as well as Disorders of Childhood & Adolescence greatly facilitates my transition in learning and adapting to my current job responsibilities as a Special Needs Educator. Besides, mastering various Counselling and Psychology courses throughout my studies provided me the foundational knowledge needed for me to further my Master’s studies overseas. In my opinion, one’s ability to keep on learning precedes one’s past academic achievement, and in this line of thought, the assignments and classroom activities designed by the lecturers allows me to always research and gain new knowledge that are not limited by the textbooks. As such, I am grateful to be an alumnus of TARUMT, and I warmly welcome you to be part of TARUMT too."


Assistant Registrar 

Department of International Student Office, TAR UMT

"I am a TAR UMT graduate and have been working with TAR UMT for about 1 and a half years now. From my experience, TAR UMT prepares the students to step into the workforce; it trained me to communicate confidently and effectively as well as improved my problem-solving skills.

As a graduate of the English programme, I had been exposed to various aspects of the language – from language related skills to knowledge on literature and drama. The courses I had taken not only helped with my oratory skills, but also my written as well as people skills.

My daily tasks as an Assistant Registrar today include, but are not limited to handling everyday inquiries from International students on Student Visa matters, applying, renewing and cancelling of Student Visas, communicate with officers from Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) on student visa matters as well as meeting Immigration Officers too. The language skills and knowledge I had acquired from my English degree programme has equipped me with the skills that enable to perform my daily tasks more efficient while being able to communicate with individuals from various backgrounds effectively."


Executive Editor (English)

Sasbadi Sdn. Bhd.

"Choosing TAR UMT's Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English with Education programme has undeniably been one of the most transformative decisions of my life. The comprehensive curriculum provided a strong foundation in English language and literature, complemented by valuable insights into educational methodologies. The dedicated faculty members mentored and guided me, honing my critical analytical skills and attention to detail. 

Real-world projects and internships enhanced my practical experience, enabling me to excel as a teacher and, subsequently, as an English educational editor. TAR UMT prepared me for the demands and challenges of the professional world, equipping me with a well-rounded skill set. Exposure to various teaching methods and literary works broadened my perspective and improved my communication skills. 

Additionally, the institution's commitment to academic excellence, coupled with a nurturing environment, has instilled in me a sense of confidence and competence that continues to propel my career forward. I am grateful for the invaluable knowledge and experiences gained during my time at TAR UMT, carrying their name with pride as it continues to shape my success in the field."


Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology – 2022 - Present

Master of Arts (Psychology) - 2021

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Psychology - 2018

"Knowledgeable lecturers, well-equipped facilities, and supportive environment. A dream for every student, isn’t it? Spending the last 8 years in the university for Degree and Master had tremendously helped me in improving myself. The programmes were designed to improve student’s basic understanding in Psychology and be practical and relevant to current world trends. Personally, studying in this university has piqued my interest in research as it can improve everyday life. Albert Einstein once stated that, “The whole of science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday thinking.” All in all, my student life in the university is filled with fun and delightful memories enjoyed with close friends and lecturers alike."


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English with Drama Year 2

"Taking my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English With Drama at TAR UMT has been both exciting and enhancing for me. The subjects in the programme allow me to learn many facets of the English language and Drama that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. From literature to linguistics, language usage and theater, I have been shown new ways to look at language and the arts around me. The lecturers are both very knowledgeable and supportive of student endeavors. The different domains that the degree covers give me a newfound flexibility in what career paths I may want to choose once my student life ends. My fellow classmates are not only remarkable students with talent, but also welcoming and lively people to be with. Overall, my student life has been enhanced by choosing TAR UMT."


Bachelor of Arts in English Studies (Honours) Year 1

TAR UMT has helped me to unlock so many of my potentials that I did not know I had. The university offers plenty of opportunities for me to grow out of my bubble and experience the essence of being a university student by mingling around with people from all walks of life. On top of that, being surrounded by supportive peers and lecturers who always give me words of advice and encouragement is one of the many things that motivate me to do better. Personally, I could find equal balance between academic and personal time here, which allowed me to lead an emotionally and mentally healthy life. I am happy that I will graduate from the university with memories to cherish and stories to tell.”